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In 1990, American Psycho was almost pulled for its misogynist content.


This month marks 25 years since the publication of Bret Easton Ellis’s magnum opus on yuppie scum, and Entertainment Weekly reminds us the manuscript had a troubled journey. At its original imprint, Simon & Schuster, staffers were disgusted by the subject matter, the art director refused to design a cover, and Penguin gave up its paperback rights. Simon & Schuster dumped the novel a few months before publication and it was picked up by Vintage Book for paperback distribution two days later. (“Both Mr. Ellis and Mr. Mehta have indicated that they don’t anticipate significant changes.”) Don’t cry for Bret Easton Ellis, however. The kerfuffle meant he would be paid twice for the novel: $300,000 from Simon & Schuster and $350,000 from Vintage.