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Donald Trump explains: The steaks that were displayed at his press conference on Tuesday were Trump steaks, not Trump Steaks.

Appearing on CNN before Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, Trump was grilled by Anderson Cooper about the “Trump Steaks” on display at a press conference held following Tuesday’s Republican primaries. Trump used the press conference to hawk a number of products that no longer exist or are not owned by him, including Trump Magazine, Trump Water, and Trump Vodka. Trump Steaks were sold at Sharper Image, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Although Sharper Image relaunched as a catalog and website, Trump Steaks are no longer sold.

Trump told Cooper that they were the real deal—they’re what he serves guests at his hotels, making them “Trump steaks,” if not quite “Trump Steaks.” Cooper, who was interviewing Trump in Marie Antoinette’s dressing chamber, was clearly confused, but he is not a job creator like Donald Trump.