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Everyone wants Jeb’s campaign merch now that it’s free.

Bad news for Jeb: No one wanted him or his $75 Guaca Bowles when that required, say, voting, or paying. Good news: Now that everything is free, he’s never been more popular! Through either a deliberate, cathartic shedding of his old campaign merchandise, or a hack, it is now possible to load up on “My Dad is the Greatest Man” shirts, beach towels (already on sale), or a variety of mugs for free, thanks to a fake credit card number that handily appears at checkout:

It’s a Jeb! merchandise free-for-all:

The site appears to be down, either because it was flooded with buyers or Jeb’s people pulled the plug because they made a mistake (an apt description, as it happens, of his whole campaign). Still, Jeb can take some solace in the fact that, while he won’t be our president, his BBQ aprons will appear ironically at parties for years to come.