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Marco Rubio thinks “climate change” means “weather.”

Marco Rubio also thinks, “Sometimes the climate just changes, you know what I mean, man?” He says that south Florida is flooding because it’s built on a swamp. And that you can’t legislate weather. And that even if you did legislate weather, it wouldn’t even matter, because the Chinese are doing climate change anyways. 

When Jake Tapper asked Rubio about climate change, the Florida senator either dove into nonsensical anti-science talking points or sounded like America’s dumbest semiotics professor: What even is climate, anyway? What really does the weather, when you think about it? Is America a planet? 

Rubio has been repeating these baseless points for years, although they’re getting an enormous amount of attention today because this is the first time a climate change question has been asked in a GOP debate. John Kasich, for what it’s worth, said that he believes that human beings are contributing to climate change.