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Rahm Emanuel is politically radioactive, Hillary Clinton edition.

Clinton is visiting Chicago today but she won’t be stopping in on the city’s mayor and her husband’s old adviser. Emanuel’s spokesperson said that the two aren’t meeting due to scheduling conflicts. However, just this past weekend, Bernie Sanders hammered Clinton on her ties to the mayor, stating:

Hillary Clinton proudly lists Mayor Rahm Emanuel as one of her leading mayoral endorsers. Well let me be as clear as I can be: Based on his disastrous record as mayor of the city of Chicago, I do not want Mayor Emanuel’s endorsement if I win the Democratic nomination.

Emanuel has come under fire for his administration’s handling of the shooting of Laquan McDonald by the Chicago police. The Chicago Police Department is currently under federal investigation.

Judging from Hillary’s attempt to distance herself from Emanuel, it looks like Chicago’s mayor should look forward to more cold welcomes like this one: