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Sarah Palin showed up at a Trump rally to decry “petty punk ass thuggery stuff.”

Earlier today, Palin canceled the appearance in Tampa, Florida, after her husband, Todd, was seriously injured in a snowmobile crash. (Her son, Track, is also due in court today for a pre-trial hearing related to his recent arrest on domestic violence charges.) 

Well, maybe Palin couldn’t get a flight home, since she showed up at the rally this afternoon as a “surprise guest,” alongside Chris Christie, who is definitely not being held hostage. And, while Palin opened by thanking the audience for their prayers, things quickly veered into typical Palin deranged refrigerator poetry territory, with the former VP candidate decrying the media for encouraging “petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff” at Trump rallies. 

Trump has repeatedly told his supporters not to hurt protesters at this afternoon’s rally.