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Republicans are about to make a terrible mistake. Just ask Chris Christie and Sarah Palin.

They have been the most prominent of Donald Trump’s early supporters, and he has returned the favor by demeaning their loved ones and trampling on their pride. Thanks to his Mephistophelean deal, Christie has been reduced to delivering odes to Trump from the prison of a large chair. “You’re seen as one of the greatest capitalists in American history,” Christie intoned at a rally yesterday in North Carolina. Palin appeared at a Florida rally for Trump despite the fact that her husband is suffering from very serious injuries at a hospital, only for Trump to write Todd Palin out of existence. “Forget about Todd, especially now,” he quipped, as he spun a fantasy of Sarah and Todd fighting off the San Bernardino terrorists with their guns.

The Republicans who will be lining up today to vote for Trump in five states would do well to take note. They will not be participating in a movement to take back power for themselves, but handing power to a man who clearly takes as much pleasure from humiliating his friend as his enemies. And if the GOP finds itself tempted to fall in line behind Trump after tonight’s results roll in, it better get used to being left out in the rain.