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Donald Trump is threatening to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife.

Trump, angry about an anti-Trump Super PAC that was running Facebook ads featuring photos from a nude photo shoot his wife Melania did for GQ several years ago, sent out this tweet, which was swiftly deleted: 

But Trump didn’t delete the tweet because it was threatening Cruz’s wife—he deleted it because he forgot to call Cruz “Lyin’ Ted.” A few seconds later, he tweeted it again: 

Trump has repeatedly violated political norms—and going after an opponent’s wife is certainly a violation of political norms—but lows like this are the new normal when you’re writing about Trump. The bigger question is why Trump tweets this a few minutes before polls close, given that the ad has been circulating for at least two days and Cruz isn’t personally responsible. 

Trump tends to lash out when he’s losing, and he will almost certainly lose Utah by a wide margin. 

Update: Cruz responds.