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D.C. lawmakers want to put an end to the city’s tax on women.


So-called “tampon tax” bills have already been passed in several states, eliminating sales tax on feminine hygiene products and baby diapers. Supporters of the bill argue that the tax amounts to a penalty on women and children who are forced by biology to buy those products.

Councilwoman Anita Bonds is the lead sponsor of the bill, and was joined by four other Democratic council members. She pointed out in a statement that the tax is especially harmful to the city’s most vulnerable. “This legislation will especially help low to moderate income mothers manage these costly expenses,” she said.

Similar bills have been passed in five states, starting with California earlier this year. Seven other states have passed less sweeping versions that single out diapers as a necessity and therefore tax exempt. The movement to end the tax has taken on an international flavor as well, with petitioners demanding to know why things like Viagra and liquor constitute essentials while tampons do not.