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This is the scene outside the Milwaukee Brewers’ ballpark on baseball’s opening day.


Fortunately, Miller Park, where the Brewers are playing the San Francisco Giants, is indoors. But April’s unseasonably cold weather is interfering with Major League games across the country.

Already the Indians have postponed their home opener against Boston due to snow and sleet in Cleveland, where the temperature is hovering right around freezing. And even where they’re getting games in, the conditions have hardly been welcoming. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore, Washington: these are just some of the cities that will be hosting games in outdoor stadiums with temperatures in the 30s and 40s over the next few days.

Bad weather baseball is becoming less and less of an anomaly as climate change continues to mess with our national pastime. Warmer than usual winters are paired with scorching summer afternoons and unpredictable springs where the temperature can swing by 40 degrees in a matter of hours.