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Welcome to New York, 2016 presidential race!

The presidential candidates have descended on New York. Donald Trump last night presided over a massive rally (15,000 strong) in Bethpage, Long Island, a formidable start to a contest that will offer more than double the delegates of Wisconsin. Surrounded by police officers and firemen, he appeared intent on making Ted Cruz regret his crack about “New York values.” Trump said, “Remember during the debate, when he started lecturing me on New York values—like we’re no good. Like we’re no good!” Cruz can also expect some broadsides from New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who resented Cruz’s proposal that police should “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods. “[W]hen you don’t know what you’re talking about, the best bet is to shut up,” Bratton said at the time. “So my advice to Mr. Cruz is to shut up.” Cruz, for his part, was in the Bronx, where he altered his formula a tad, railing against “liberal, Democratic New York values.” Like we’re no good!

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, have been stepping up their attacks on each other. Clinton is hitting Sanders on his support for legislation that shielded gun manufacturers from lawsuits, tying it to the mass shooting in Sandy Hook. Sanders, for his part, has said Clinton is not qualified to run for president. 

We are a long ways from Wisconsin nice.