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David Cameron says, oops, I did actually benefit from that offshore Panama Papers trust fund.

Dan Kitwood - WPA Pool /Getty Images

For the past few days the British prime minister has been dodging questions about the Panama-based fund set up by his father. Today he admitted that he made a profit of £19,000 from selling his shares in the fund a few months before he became prime minister. This revelation means that Cameron had financial interests in a fund that was purposefully set up to avoid paying U.K. taxes while he was a member of Parliament, held a shadow cabinet position, and was leader of the Conservative Party. He also said he did not know whether any of the £300,000 he inherited from his father was affected by the fact that the fund was based in the tax haven. 

Cameron’s announcement, in a TV interview, may have been an attempt to come clean before he was outed by an investigation, which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had called for. It’s not a good look for a world leader to be hiding money, and hiding the fact that he’s hiding money, but then again, maybe Cameron’s confusion was an honest mistake! How can someone so rich really be expected to keep track of all his money?