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The Trump Bro’s lament.

“There is a sentiment among frat guys, lacrosse players, and middle class affluent white kids that they are kind of getting persecuted lately,” David Portnoy, the founder of the sports website Barstool Sports, told CBS News. “You tell a joke it gets blown out of proportion. You gotta walk on eggshells. There’s kind of that feeling, and Trump, he tells a joke and doesn’t back down. He says things that would normally been frowned upon. At a school, a kid would get expelled. Not that it’s right or wrong, but he’s sort of defending a lot of the things they’ve been attacked for in the last five years or so.”

Portnoy added, “It’s an F-U to society, who is telling us we are a bad guy because we like hooking up with girls on spring break. And they see Trump sticking up for that.”