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A British lawmaker has been ejected from Parliament for calling the prime minister “Dodgy Dave.”

In the video below, Dennis Skinner, former chairman of the Labour Party, goes to work on David Cameron, during a debate on tax evasion occasioned by the revelation this week that Cameron had made a profit from selling his stake in a Panama Papers-related offshore fund owned by his father. Skinner starts by hitting Cameron for “dividing the nation between strivers and scroungers”—the British version, apparently, of makers and takers. Then, finger jabbing the air, his face growing livid, Skinner demands that “Dodgy Dave” address accusations of financial impropriety. The chamber erupts. A wizard in a magical cloak and tie, I mean, the speaker of the House of Commons calls for order, then asks Skinner to withdraw “that adjective he used a moment ago.” “Which word?” Skinner asks, innocent as a lamb. Guffaws can be heard from the opposition side. “I think he knows the word beginning with d and ending in y that he inappropriately used,” says the wizard. “I know, I know what you’re talking about,” Skinner admits. Then he goes off, as boos and cheers rain down: “This man has done more to divide this nation than anybody else! He’s looked after his own pocket! I still refer to him as Dodgy Dave!” He is subsequently dismissed, to jeers from the Conservative side.