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There are some days when watching the Europa League sounds like a fantastic idea.

Like today, for example. Normally the Europa League is what you leave on in the background while doing more important things, like letting Tweetdeck wash over you in an endless stream. But not today. Today, there’s something about Liverpool and Dortmund playing for a semifinal spot in a second-tier European cup that is almost magnetic in its attraction. Maybe it’s the spring air, that waft of freedom cutting through the ragged remnants of winter. Maybe it’s this video of Liverpool fans and Dortmund fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” together. Either way, we will be watching the game and you can follow along here.

Update 1: Goal! Dortmund makes it look easy on the counterattack, and is up 2-1 on aggregate.

Update 2: Goal! Reus with a sweet pass, and Dortmund is up 3-1 on aggregate.

Update 3: In the old days, attending a European cup match could be quite dangerous for the visitors. They did not typically sing songs with the hosts. Here’s Bill Buford’s account of standing amidst a group of grotesquely inebriated Manchester United supporters on Juventus’s home turf: “I remember the moment, looking up into the evening’s pink sky, and watching the long, long slow arc of an object hurled from far above as it came closer and closer, gaining speed as it approached, until finally, in those milliseconds before it disclosed its target, I could actually make out what it was—a beer bottle—and then, crash: it shattered within three feet of one of the supporters.”

Update 4: Goal! Liverpool pulls one back, but the team is still in a deep hole now that Dortmund has two away goals to Liverpool’s one.

Update 5: Goal! It would appear that either Reus is a very good player or Liverpool is not a very good team. Actually, it’s probably some combination of the two.

Update 6: Goal! Coutinho!

Update 7: Goal! Sakho! 3-3, 4-4 on aggregate, away goal advantage to Dortmund. GAME ON.