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Will Donald Trump have a huge day in New York or a yuge day?

Kena Betancur/Getty Images

The difference matters, since Trump now finds himself in a battle for every delegate. Though he easily leads Ted Cruz and John Kasich, his campaign is a blunt instrument, lacking the sophistication or organizational strength to make sure his delegates remain committed to him should he fail to win an outright majority of 1,237 before the convention. The goal in New York is to win as many bound delegates as possible—a tough task, as Politico notes:

Trump, with the GOP primary now a war of attrition with Ted Cruz for every single delegate, is hoping to take no fewer than 85 of the 95 delegates at play. If he comes close to that, Cruz will likely be mathematically eliminated from being able to clinch the nomination outright.

But because Trump must take 50 percent of the vote in every congressional district in order to sweep the three delegates that are up for grabs in each, he, too, has little margin for error as he fights to reach the 1,237-delegate threshold to deliver him the nomination on the first ballot.

As the song goes, if he can make it here, he can make it ... in Cleveland (maybe).