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Marissa Mayer leans in all the way to a possible $137 million buyout from Yahoo.

Kimberly White / Getty

In what is perhaps the greatest feminist achievement of the 21st century, Marissa Mayer, who has already earned $78 million since she took the reins at Yahoo in 2012, is on her way to an enormous payday as bids begin to roll in for her company.

Mayer, who has also stated that sexism in tech was “not relevant” to her work as a CEO in a company where 37 percent of workers are female, has had to deal with wealthy shareholders declaring her attractive in board meetings, as well as the requisite blowback for lying down in a completely normal fashion on a chaise lounge.

No longer is squandering the business strategy of a multi-billion dollar media company simply a male pursuit; women too can can fail in business at a level heretofore unprecedented. Mayer will break the buyout ceiling for women everywhere. Look to your daughters and proudly tell them that one day they too can grow up to be a failed CEO with a golden parachute.