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Donald Trump has set the bar so low that all he has to do is not drop dumb insults and reporters call him “disciplined” and “presidential.”

Fox News

In his victory speech in New York on Tuesday night, Trump referred to “Senator Cruz.” This displayed a newfound maturity, according to political reporters across the cable news networks, because Trump didn’t call his opponent “Lyin’ Ted.” On CNN, Dana Bash said it was “a fundamentally different Trump.” NBC News’ Chuck Todd tweeted, “Trump stayed on ‘rigged’ message again. And kept his remarks short. The discipline is holding. The #stopTrump folks are in DEEP trouble.” On Fox News, even Trump’s nemesis, Megyn Kelly, said Trump was possibly “sounding—you tell me—more presidential.”

No, he was pretty much the same guy. He was surrounded by five blonde women on camera. He bragged about compliments other successful people had given him. “The great Steve Roth” was in attendance, Trump said. “Steve’s building a big building on Central Park South. It’s a tremendous success. I said, ‘Steve congratulations on the building.’ He said, ‘Donald, it’s nothing compared to what’s happening with you!’ Isn’t that right, my man.”

Trump was happier than he has been after some primaries, because he won. Yet Trump was still whining about the rules, and that he was being treated unfairly. “It’s really nice to win the delegates with the votes,” he said. Referring to the possibility he could lose at the convention if delegates change their votes after the first ballot, he continued, “Nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it’s not a fair ticket.” The people would not stand for a “crooked system,” he said. The Republican system was even worse than the Democrats! “We’re going to go back to the old way—it’s called ‘you vote, and you win.’” Absolutely Lincolnesque.