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Arya Stark’s life is one big training montage.


(Spoilers abound.) When we first met Arya in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, she was full of potential. Remember when she shot that bullseye, upstaging Bran, back when all the Stark children were alive and happy? The first season also had Jon Snow teaching her to “stick them with the pointy end” and Syrio Forel, the First Sword of Braavos, giving her lessons with a wooden sword. Since then we’ve all known great things are in store for Arya—once she finishes her training and starts hunting down the people on her list. Alas, six seasons later, we are right back where we started. After going through an agonizingly slow plot line last season, in which she was training to serve the Many-Faced God, we were finally rewarded with her getting to kill someone on her list (Meryn Trant). But then she was immediately blinded. And now, we find out she’ll probably have to learn how to fight all over again. The montage marches on—I pray to the old gods and the new that the writers will throw her in the ring soon.