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The NBA playoffs just got a little less Steph Curry.

Doug Pensinger/Getty

Curry underwent an MRI for his injured right knee on Monday and the results are good, but not too good. The MRI revealed no structural damage, but Curry does have a Grade 1 sprain of his right knee, which means he will miss at least two weeks.

Thankfully, the NBA playoffs last forever. If the Golden State Warriors dispatch the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, they’ll have quite a bit of time off before taking on the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers-Portland Trail Blazers series in the second round, which probably won’t start until the following week.

But without Curry for at least the first two (and probably more) games, a Warriors-Clippers (it’s going to be the Clippers) second-round matchup is significantly more interesting than it would have been with a healthy Curry. These two teams hate each other, dating back to the 2012-13 season. The Clippers are smart enough to know that their only realistic chance to beat the Warriors is to beat them as many times as they can before Curry comes back. That should make it a good series, but the Clippers haven’t been able to get their shit together since acquiring Chris Paul and there’s no reason to expect that to change now. And the Warriors, even without Curry, are still the better team.