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World leaders are moving past denial and anger about Trump, and heading straight to acceptance.

Frank Augstein/AFP/Getty Images

As the U.S. undergoes the Kübler-Ross stages of grief over Donald Trump’s presumptive presidential nomination, the rest of the world’s leaders are right there with us. British Prime Minister David Cameron, appearing at a press conference today with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, stated that Trump “deserves our respect” for making it through the primaries, but that he would not take back his earlier statement that Trump’s proposed Muslim ban was “stupid, divisive, and wrong.” The statement comes after one of Trump’s advisers called on Cameron yesterday to issue an apology. According to The Guardian, Abe was momentarily unable to suppress a brief smirk at Cameron’s remark.

Closer to home, Vincente Fox, the former president of Mexico, has been making the rounds on right-wing media to walk back his earlier outburst that Mexico “is not going to pay for that fucking wall.” Yesterday, Fox gave Breitbart a classic “sorry if you were offended” pseudo-apology, and later told Bill O’Reilly that Trump should come visit his country and “learn about the real Mexico.”