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Donald Trump doesn’t read books.

Peter Kramer/Getty

Reading is a popular pastime, for both laymen and presidents. Barack Obama routinely visits independent bookstores and releases his summer reading list every year. And George W. Bush famously got into a reading duel with Karl Rove, to see who could read the most books.

But Donald Trump is not much of a reader, despite having written The Art of the Deal, “the number 1 selling business book of all time.” Asked by Megyn Kelly what his favorite book is besides The Art of the Deal, Trump chose All Quiet on the Western Front. (Not sure what happened to the Bible!) Kelly, perhaps sensing that Trump may not have read a book since sixth grade, asked him to name the last book he read. “I read passages, I read areas, chapters, I don’t have the time,” Trump said. “When was the last time I watched a baseball game? I’m watching you all the time.”