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It’s surprisingly hard to attack Donald Trump.

John W. Adkisson/Getty Images

Politico’s Annie Karni has a smart piece exploring the Clinton team’s struggles to nail Trump, despite having an embarrassment of riches to work with. In fact, that may be the problem: Trump has so many flaws that Team Clinton can’t decide which one to build a narrative around. So far, Hillary herself has favored depicting him as a “loose cannon,” but that really doesn’t seem to encompass his awfulness. “Our problem is a target-rich environment,” one Clintonista told Karni.

The news media is familiar with this dilemma. In single 24-hour cycle, Trump can run into trouble in five different ways that would individually sink other candidates. The Times’s Trip Gabriel captured how the Trump juggernaut smashes through one controversy after another:

What looks like a big fat target, in other words, could be something else entirely: a force that only gets bigger and fatter as more stories swirl around it.