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Bernie Sanders’s revolution has turned into a grudge match against the Democratic Party.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

His campaign is now on a hellbent drive to make “fundamental changes to how presidential primaries and debates are held in the future,” according to the Times, with Sanders and his supporters increasingly convinced that the party apparatus tilted the playing field in Hillary Clinton’s favor. People within Sanders’s campaign told the Times that the message had “devolved into a near-obsession with perceived conspiracies on the part of Mrs. Clinton’s allies.” As the Times writes:

But his newly resolute attitude is also the cumulative result of months of anger at the national Democratic Party over a debate schedule that his campaign said favored Mrs. Clinton; a fund-raising arrangement between the party and the Clinton campaign; the appointment of fierce Clinton partisans as leaders of important convention committees; and the party’s rebuke of Mr. Sanders on Tuesday for not clearly condemning a melee at the Nevada Democratic convention on Saturday.

The angry focus on the Democratic Party makes a holistic kind of sense, in that the party is seen as a facilitator of the big-money interests that have precluded socialist policies. But it still seems like Sanders’s once-inspiring campaign has narrowed into a squabble.