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Relax, all is well in the Democratic Party.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There is much consternation in Democratic circles that the party will have trouble uniting before the fall, thanks to the increasingly bitter campaign being waged by Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Nearly two-thirds of Democratic “insiders” surveyed by the Politico Caucus said they were “somewhat worried” or “very worried” about unifying the party.

The Politico Caucus has offered valuable insight into how party operatives think; previous gems in the series include “Kasich could win a contested convention.” But they are not always the best barometer of how actual voters feel. The New York Times reports in a new poll that

fewer than half of Democratic voters say their party is divided, and eight in 10 are hopeful about its future. More than eight in 10 think [Hillary] Clinton can unite the party after the primaries end next month.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of Republicans describe their party as divided, and only two-thirds say Donald Trump can bring Republicans together. So while it may seem like the Democratic Party is at war in certain arenas—the Nevada convention, the minefields of Twitter—for the most part peace reigns.