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The race war version of The Apprentice is a disturbing glimpse into Trump’s mind.

Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

Andrew Kaczynski has posted a remarkable audio of a 2005 appearance by Trump on “The Howard Stern Show” in which the presumptive Republican nominee talked about his unsuccessful push for a version of the reality show where the teams would be divided along racial lines. NBC nixed the idea but Trump was still keen on it, despite Stern’s skeptical questioning. “Wouldn’t that set off a racial war?” Stern asked.

Trump had put much thought into his idea. He wanted the white team to be all blonde but the black team to be an “assortment” of blacks of differing skin colors. Racial consciousness and competition is clearly never far from his mind. Although Trump flip-flops on many issues, there are three he’s been consistent on all his life: supporting mercantilist trade wars, upholding gender hierarchy, and racism. If he’s elected, these ideas will play out on a stage far greater than a reality show.