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Which Game of Thrones characters will die in Episode 5?

(Cripples, bastards, and spoilers.)

Four episodes in, and we have yet to have an episode in Season 6 that doesn’t feature a character death. Game of Thrones is a damn bloody show, but this has been quite a run, especially for the start of a season. If I had to bet, I would bet that the next episode will feature zero character deaths, but then again, I also said that last week and Daenarys burned a dozen dudes alive, so a major character will probably die.

But before we predict who will die next, we must remember the fallen.

Last week’s casualties, in order of how good they were as characters: Osha, who deserved better, those two Dothraki bloodriders who seemed cool and were probably friends, Khal Moro and His Merry Band of Bros, who were burned in a beautiful, misandrist fire.

Who will die next, in order of how likely it is that they will die:

1. Some chump: That’s vague, so I’ll get more specific. Arya will be given a mission by the Faceless Men to kill some chump and she will kill the chump, proving that she is no one.

2. Loras Tyrell: Loras is very close to death and an O. Henry-ish “Loras dies after Margaery agrees to sacrifice herself to save him” would fit in with the show. That said, while I think that the Many-Faced God may call Loras’s name this season, he has enough plot left to last another episode or two.

3. Lancel Lannister: There was a tease last week that Kevan and Lancel will meet this season, which means he’s also probably safe for another episode, but so help me god, this twerp needs to get it. Lancel will be on this list every week until he dies.

4. Walder Frey: Another one I feel confident is going to go down this season, though Episode 5 seems a bit quick, especially since I think one of the Starks will be the one to do it. But there is a youth movement in Westeros and Walder Frey is going to get what’s coming to him, possibly at another wedding.