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Fate has no love for those who pursued the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Newt Gingrich, who led the charge against Clinton, lost the speakership in 1998 over his own extra-marital dalliances, while his successor Dennis Hastert, who shepherded the impeachment in the wake of Gingrich’s disgrace, has confessed to sexually abusing boys while working as a high school wrestling coach in the 1970s. Ken Starr, the special prosecutor who authored the famous report that graphically detailed Clinton’s sexual misconduct, is now facing the same sort of fall from grace that overtook Gingrich and Hastert.

Starr has been president of Baylor University since 2010 but, according to reports, is about to be fired from that position because of his failure to investigate sexual abuse allegations made against football players in the university. So far, these reports are based on anonymous sources, but they are widespread enough to merit credence. Baylor University will make its full report public on June 3. If Starr loses his job for failing to investigate a case of sexual misconduct, it’ll be an ironic downfall indeed.