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This is what it looks like when the press holds Donald Trump accountable.

On Tuesday, Trump held a press conference to respond to reports that he had overstated the amount of money raised for veterans at a well-publicized charity event in January, which was used to avoid attending a Republican debate moderated by his former nemesis Megyn Kelly. Trump did not take to the scrutiny well. He routinely referred to the media as dishonest, going so far as to call an ABC reporter “sleazy.” He suggested the very fact the media would follow up on these claims was proof that they were biased for Hillary Clinton and against veterans.

Trump’s real problem was that the press was simply doing its job. He only donated the $1 million he promised last week, after The Washington Post reported that the money hadn’t come through. But the questions weren’t all tough: Trump was also asked about the gorilla that was shot after a toddler fell into its enclosure on Monday. He said zoo officials had “no choice,” but that the gorilla “was almost like a mother holding a baby. It looked so beautiful, calm.”