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If you volunteer for Trump, be prepared for a lifetime of praising him.

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty

Trump is notorious for making employees sign non-disclosure agreements but now he wants to make anyone who volunteers for campaign be bound by similar rules. As explicated by CNN contributor Rachel Sklar, the online nondisclosure agreement volunteers are required to sign seems like a truly onerous document. Signatories to the agreement are forbidden for the rest of their lives from criticizing Trump, his companies, or the broader Trump family. Any breach of this contract is described as “irreparable harm” for which the signatory is liable. Further, if you sign the agreement you are required to make sure any employees you have don’t volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Sklar argues that this last requirement is illegal. This bizarre document is further proof that Trump is running his campaign by the same sleazy rule-book he used for his other enterprises.

There is one saving grace to all this. Mike Pence isn’t covered by the nondisclosure agreement, so volunteers are free to disparage him all they want.