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Make debates weird again! (By letting Gary Johnson take part in them.)


The Libertarian Party, by and large, is made up of weirdos. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson may or may not be a weirdo himself, but he certainly likes to let his freak flag fly from time to time—at the very least, he’s someone who clearly sees buttoned-up presidential politicking as being phony. Perhaps because of our hegemonic two-party system, perhaps because of his horrible platform (how Johnson is receiving any votes from Bernie supporters is baffling to me), or perhaps because he doesn’t know what Aleppo is, Johnson won’t be taking part in the first presidential debate on Monday. But he thinks he should be there, and that he’d be polling even with Trump and Clinton if he was allowed in. On Friday, he made the case on Morning Joe by saying that, if allowed to debate, he definitely wouldn’t stick his tongue out and try to talk at the same time.