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Fact Check: Hillary Clinton has not been fighting ISIS her entire adult life.

Trump and Clinton started off carefully at the first presidential debate, but things quickly went off the rails in the first 30 minutes. Lester Holt has—thankfully, in my opinion—sat back and let the candidates duke it out. During a discussion ostensibly about the economy the two quickly devolved to talking about their respective websites. This led Trump to attack Clinton for having a plan to defeat ISIS—which, by the way, is not particularly detailed—something he said that General Douglas MacArthur would not like. Trump then said that Clinton has been fighting ISIS for “her entire adult life.”

Hillary Clinton was born in 1947, which means she turned 18 in 1965. ISIS was established in 1999, when Hillary Clinton 52. It joined Al Qaeda in 2004 when Hillary Clinton was 57. It then separated from Al Qaeda and established a caliphate in 2014 when Hillary Clinton was 67.