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Donald Trump is raving.

He’s yelling, he’s scowling, he’s shouting over Clinton. As my colleague Laura Reston wrote earlier, Clinton has figured out how to successfully bait Trump: She’s continuously called his narcissistic sense of self into question by attacking his business acumen and intelligence. Trump, meanwhile, is lashing out wildly—at Clinton, yes, but also at the nation’s airports. He’s literally showing his teeth. He is not showing any discipline whatsoever. Clinton, meanwhile, has seemed even-keeled.

(To be fair, LaGuardia is a hell hole.)

Trump’s second-biggest hurdle to becoming president is his demeanor. (His biggest hurdle is the racism.) Tonight’s debate audience will be the biggest of this election season. Trump needed to show voters that he was capable of being calm, collected, and reasonable. He has done no such thing tonight.