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Even the conspiracy theorists are turning on Julian Assange.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Supporters of Donald Trump woke up in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday for what they believed would be the release of evidence damning enough to end Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, had promised that his 4 a.m. press conference, dubbed #OctoberSurprise, would include evidence “associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting.”

But no such evidence was revealed during the two-hour event, which ended up being a self-congratulatory pat-on-the-back for WikiLeaks’s ten-year anniversary and a plug for Assange’s new book.

Either Assange has been cooped up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London for too long, or he has abandoned WikiLeaks’s mission of pursuing The Truth in favor of stoking the alt-right. Unfortunately the latter seems to be the case. WikiLeaks’s Twitter account over the last several months has turned into a fountain of Clinton-bashing documents and weird conspiracy theories, including: Hillary murdered a DNC staffer; Hillary wanted to use a drone strike to kill Assange; and Hillary is still suffering from a head injury.