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Donald Trump can’t let Mike Pence have the spotlight.

When Trump took the stage in Henderson, Nevada, on Wednesday, he took credit for Pence’s well-received performance in the first vice presidential debate:

So, how many of you watched the vice presidential debate last night? Mike Pence did an incredible job and I’m getting a lot of credit, because that’s really my first so called choice, that was my first hire as we would say in Las Vegas. And I’ll tell you, he’s a good one. He was phenomenal. He was cool. He was smart. He was, I mean, you just take a look at him... Thank you Mike Pence.

There were rumblings this morning that Trump “can’t stand to be upstaged,” following a smooth performance in which Pence managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that ensnared Trump in his own debate against Hillary Clinton. Lucky for Trump, he’ll be back in the spotlight again on Sunday in the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.