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It’s still an open question whether Donald Trump will bring up Bill Clinton’s past at the next debate.

While getting walloped in the first presidential debate, Trump, who is not known for his self-control, began edging closer to pushing what he has decided is his campaign’s nuclear button: open discussion of Hillary Clinton’s husband’s affairs from decades ago.

After the debate, Trump congratulated himself for not bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelities, as if it proved he had taken the high road. And in the spin room, Rudy Giuliani gushed, “He restrained himself from saying what I know he would have liked to have said … and that is that she enabled and supported a president who is a disgrace to the White House.”

But Trump has spurred speculation that he will discuss the Clintons’ marriage in the next debate by, incredibly, accusing Hillary of being unfaithful to Bill at a recent rally. As a result, Clinton’s team has reportedly prepared for how she should respond if Trump brings up her husband’s affairs.

In the latest twist of this will-he won’t-he story, The New York Post’s Richard Johnson reports that he heard this from Trump over email:

“I want to win this election on my policies for the future, not on Bill Clinton’s past,” Trump told me via email. “Jobs, trade, ending illegal immigration, veteran care, and strengthening our military is what I really want to be talking about.”

But there’s one problem here: Donald Trump does not use email. So the Clinton marriage still might come up in the next debate. And more importantly: Who is pretending to be Donald Trump over email?