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Ben Carson displayed a human emotion.

The story coming out of Carson’s unhinged Morning Joe interview will almost certainly be that he demanded that the microphone being used by journalist Katty Kay, who was interviewing him, be turned off. And that should be the story! Carson was either confused—and thought that Kay was a fellow panelist and not a journalist—or he was insisting that a member of the press be silenced.

But for maybe the first time ever, he publicly showed a side of himself that wasn’t “sleepy.” Carson was mad. He pointed his finger wildly, and shouted, “Stop, stop stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop stop!” And why was Carson mad?

Kay asked Carson if the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault are lying. Carson didn’t address the question—instead he tried to go back to the idea being pushed by the Trump campaign, that sexual assault is impossible in first-class cabins because of armrests and stewardesses. And he claimed—as he tends to do when he is being less than truthful—that this was “common sense.” As Kay correctly pointed out, the subtext of that defense is that the women are lying, but Carson wouldn’t go there. Instead, he just got mad.