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Donald Trump is blaming “animals representing Hillary” for the GOP office firebombing.

A North Carolina GOP headquarters was just firebombed and the timing is curious.

Someone threw an explosive device through the window of the Republican Party’s county office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” was spray-painted on an adjacent building. No one was hurt, but there was severe damage inside the office.

Though we don’t yet know the culprit, it’s worth noting that in recent days Donald Trump has explicitly attacked House Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP more broadly for “disloyalty.”

North Carolina Democratic Party chair Patsy Keever condemned the violence in a statement on Sunday. “We hope the perpetrators of this attack are brought to swift justice,” she said. “One deepest sympathies are with everyone at the North Carolina Republican Party.” As has Hillary Clinton.

Trump has not tweeted a statement per se, but seems quite sure about who’s responsible for the attack.

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