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Who is most key ppl in race?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty

This tweet, from broken font of conventional wisdom Mark Halperin, is perfect.

Why is B Clinton more key than B Obama? Why is Kellyanne Conway significantly more key than Mike Pence? Why, for that matter, is Kellyanne Conway the only person tagged in this tweet, even though nearly all of these people have active Twitter accounts? And why don’t Putin and Assange get first names? I would ask why Putin and Assange are above the ACTUAL CANDIDATES WHO ARE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, but the answer to that question is painfully obvious: Putin and Assange can do and have done (allegedly, in Putin’s case) October Surprises™ and, in Halperin’s world, October Surprises™ are more important than actual campaigns.

And even though, historically speaking, the third debate will probably have no effect on the presidential election, Halperin’s nose for the horse race also means that Chris Wallace is now The Most Interesting Man in America™.

Also, Halperin forgot P Frog, the most important wild card in this election.