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Trump TV seems to be getting a trial run.

Before Wednesday night’s final presidential debate, the Trump campaign posted a Facebook livestream featuring two pundits condemning the media portrayal of the Republican nominee. It was a shoestring operation, but with over 200,000 viewers at one point, it might mark the soft debut of a Trump television network rumored to be in the works.

Earlier this week, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, met with investment firm LionTree regarding such a venture, though it was later reported that the meetings were not fruitful. However, if Trump sticks to the low-budget, livestream model, industry experts estimate it could launch within three months following the election.

If you’re tired of biased, mainstream media reporting (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s super PAC), tune into my Facebook Live broadcast,” the campaign’s post read. The 30-minute stream featured guest Gen. Michael Flynn, who had a starring role in the GOP convention and emerged as a voice of the alt-right in the national security establishment. “Hillary Clinton is the architect of failure,” Flynn said. “Where she has failed, he will fix. Donald trump is a builder.”

With his new foray into television, he might regret his recent fallout with conservative tv guru Roger Ailes.