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No Meteor

The night one
         gold star shook
loose from blue
         firmament, I learned
they were neither
         star nor blue. Just space
junk in sky I only
         perceived as blue.
I was right
         they could kill me,
junk and atmosphere,
         wrong that either
tried, neither an over-
         achiever. More the tired
kind, the kind I tend to
         adore, that I perceive
might write adore
         in light I see as fire, or,
soon enough, as ice.
         Adore is Latin,
to entreat. Meteor,
         Greek for lofty. How
the lofty have fallen,
          up or down, depends
entirely on one’s point
          of view. But when you
said, I adore you, what
          I heard was
the entreaty to entreat,
          and adored you back.
I fell from there to here
         with the velocity
of a fat, hot tear.
         I’m no meteor,
so I looked it up:
        how long it takes
a meteor to fall.
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no time at all.