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Donald Trump butchers Hindi in a desperate attempt to win the Indian-American vote.


“Ab ki baar Trump sarkar,” the Republican nominee says in a new ad, which translates the phrase as “This time Trump Government.” Business Insider reports that the phrase actually means “This Time, We’re With Trump’s Government.” But hey, Trump is too busy for trifling pronouns and prepositions.

According to BuzzFeed, the slogan is a spin on the one used in 2014 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with whom Trump says he looks forward to working. Trump is also shown in the ad lighting a diya for Diwali—the festival of lights that begins this weekend—and speaking at a recent Bollywood event with the Republican Hindu Coalition. “We love the Hindus,” he says. “We love India.”

The 30-second spot, airing now on Indian-American channels, was produced in-house by Trump’s Indian-American Advisory Council, according to the group’s chairman. That makes sense, given that the erratically edited ad looks like something a middle-school student would produce on iMovie.