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Vine was good.

Today, Twitter announced that it is shutting down the Vine mobile app. For those of you dweebs who don’t know what Vine is, here’s a primer:

Started only three years ago, Vine has given us some of the internet’s best content and has proved that most videos shouldn’t be longer than six seconds. After all, that’s how long it takes to capture Jeb Bush’s entire presidential run:

Or the plight of being an animal in a human’s world:

And, as Doreen St. Felix has written in Fader, Vine has been an important creative outlet for black teens (although they’ve seen little of the profits). Take Peaches Monroee’s Vine that coined the term “on fleek”:

And aside from comedy, the app also served as an important tool for Black Lives Matter activists:

Vine was good. RIP Vine.