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As the election draws to a close, Donald Trump is no longer pretending to love the Bible.

Mary Schwalm/Getty Images

During the early phases of the election, Trump had a standard response when asked to name his favorite book: the Bible, with Trump’s own The Art of the Deal coming in second. As he said at Liberty University in January, “The Art of the Deal is second to the Bible. ... There’s nothing like it, the Bible.”

But there was always ample reason to doubt the sincerity of this claim. After all, at the same Liberty University event, he mistakenly referred to a Biblical book as “Two Corinthians” rather than Second Corinthians. On other occasions, he also struggled to come up with a favorite Biblical verse.

But now that the campaign is in its final days, Trump has been liberated to speak his mind. Interviewed by the TV program Extra, Trump said his favorite books are The Art of the Deal and Surviving at the Top, both nominally written by Donald J. Trump.