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PETA’s latest stunt? Demeaning survivors of sexual assault.

The animal-rights group is known for its brazen activism, but its latest ad crosses a remarkable line:

The ad is deliberately shot and scripted to mimic a PSA featuring sexual assault victims, with women describing how “one man held me down” and “they got me pregnant.” But it’s revealed, at the end, to be about the artificial insemination of cows instead of the rape of women.

Animal rights are important, and it’s valid for vegans and vegetarians to ask meat-eaters to consider the moral ramifications of their diet. It is possible to do that, however, without conflating human traumas with the artificial insemination of animals. There is no real comparison between sexual assault and the production of meat. By asserting otherwise, PETA has demeaned assault survivors and reduced them to the status of animals. Survivors are used to that feeling. That’s how abuse, not activism, works.