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Did Donald Trump get his phone back?

Trump’s phone was taken away from him after he kept using it to do things that reminded people he would make a terrible president, like tweeting “check out sex tape” at five in the morning. But a tweet sent out from his account this afternoon suggests he may have gotten it back.

Donald Trump famously does not read, and this is a stunning failure in either copyediting or comprehension. CNN reported that Utah officials were reporting voting machine problems in a county, which is notably different than the word “country,” which has an “r” in it. More importantly, elections are administered by states, so why Utah would have knowledge of voting machine problems across the country is insane.

Of course, Trump may not have his phone back—this tweet is largely reflective of the strategy the Trump campaign has taken in recent weeks. Despite there being no evidence of widespread voter fraud, the Trump campaign has repeatedly pushed the idea that the election is being stolen on a massive scale. This tweet is brazen—it is incredibly and obviously misleading—but it is in keeping with the Trump campaign’s larger messages of 1) Reading is for losers and 2) The election is being stolen from us.