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Election forecast needles are bad.

They’re like speedometers of stress.

The New York Times is utilizing a tool beyond the usual electoral map, one that some tech guy probably thought would look really cool—a constantly updating dial that forecasts the chance of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump winning the presidency.

But it turns out that the only thing more stressful than continuously watching a needle going back and forth between two candidates is watching multiple needles (overall presidency, popular vote, electoral vote, individual states) going back and forth. It has definitely changed the way we (meaning us poor souls on social media) experience a presidential election, which used to involve at least some lag time for the results.

And are they even accurate? Right now, the Times is projecting that Trump has a 55 percent chance of winning Michigan, which would be a huge crack in Clinton’s firewall. But The Detroit Free Press has already called Michigan for Clinton. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll be glued to those needles.