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Donald Trump prizes loyalty above everything. That means his cabinet is going to be a nightmare.


It’s all happening. Newt Gingrich for secretary of state and Rudy Giuliani for attorney general were already expected, but Sarah Palin for secretary of the interior? That, and all the public land privatization and drilling that come with it, may very well happen!

Chris Christie, who could be prosecuted for his role in Bridgegate? He’ll have a seat at the table as well. David A. Clarke, who has called Black Lives Matter a “domestic hate group”? Why not secretary or the Department of Homeland Security?

None of this should be surprising. Trump may have given a speech last night in which he extended an olive branch to Republicans who were skeptical of his candidacy, but there is little evidence that the Trump government will be significantly different than the Trump campaign. Trump privileges loyalty above all else. The terrifying thing is that those most loyal to Trump are terrifying—either whack jobs or people with tremendous baggage or both. The most terrifying and/or corrupt politicians backed him early on because they had nothing left to lose. But now he has won, and his cabinet is going to be stuffed with deranged people.