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Bob Dole will be remembered as a Donald Trump apologist.

John Moore/Getty Images

On Monday, he appeared on the Fox Business Network and attacked anti-Trump protesters:

The 93-year-old former Kansas senator, who lost to Bill Clinton in the 1996 presidential race, was the only former nominee to attend the Republican National Convention this year. His explained his support with straight partisan loyalty, acknowledging some of Trump’s flaws but telling NPR, “I have an obligation to the party. I mean, what am I going to do? I can’t vote for George Washington.”

Of course, he could have done what all of the other former nominees did: not vote for Trump, but support other down-ballot Republicans. Mitt Romney said it was “a matter of personal conscience” to oppose Trump. John McCain said he that he might write in his Senate colleague, Lindsey Graham. George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush both reportedly vowed not to vote for him. But Dole stuck with Trump even after the release of an Access Hollywood tape showing Trump bragging about his ability to commit sexual assault, telling The Wall Street Journal, “The Clintons aren’t pure either.”