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Please do not let Sarah Palin within ten feet of the VA.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The nation’s hardest-working former governor is reportedly under consideration for a new job.

Palin is vastly unsuited for the position. If nominated and confirmed, she’d be the first civilian to serve in the role; her only qualification appears to be that her son served in Iraq. She has been out of politics since 2009 because she quit in the middle of her only term as governor of Alaska. There isn’t a single reason for Donald Trump to consider her appointment for longer than a half-second.

But he does value loyalty, and that favors Palin. Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit, she endorsed him in January and campaigned for him until his victory earlier this month. That might be enough to secure her a role in his administration. And if NBC’s anonymous sources are telling the truth, this role is one she wants very badly.

To which there is only one reasonable response: So what? She wanted to be governor until she didn’t. She can’t even keep a reality show on the air. She’s a grifter currently without a scam, and while that makes her excellent company for Donald Trump it hardly qualifies her to run the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Trump swore over and over that he cared for veterans. He has a chance to prove it now by keeping Palin away from the VA.